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At Phoenix Bakehouse, we embrace the tradition of our ancestors by using a long, slow fermentation process to raise bread made entirely by hand using just flour, water, salt, and time --no commercial yeast. All our loaves take 36-48 hours from start to finish, creating bread with superior flavor and keeping quality.

Most bread you’ll find today is mass-produced using commercial yeast, contributing to epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and gluten sensitivity. The resurgence of sourdough bread has been a beacon, calling us back to our roots. Slow-fermented, naturally leavened bread has been shown to be more nutritious, more easily digestible, safer for people with gluten sensitivity, and have a lower glycemic index than breads made with commercial yeast, making it a potentially viable option for people with diabetes.

Naturally leavened bread rises from a sourdough culture, and continues to rise from itself, over and over again, like a phoenix. Join the renaissance of real bread. Join us and rise.